Letters and other Reader Responses


by Dad

A'way out west ten lustrums ago
A baby boy was born
On a bright spring day
It was about mid-morn

An uglier kid
I never saw
Couldn't complain, tho
'Cause I was his Paw

He had a hard time
A'gittin' here
A tiny bruised face
As well as both ears

The years went by
And wouldn't you know it
He grew up and became
An aspiring poet

I've read some of his stuff
But I'll have to admit
I couldn't make
A lot of sense of it

I'll have to say
He's been a deep thinker
But I still remember him
As a little stinker


December 18, 2011—Posted on my Facebook wall.

Reader Responses

I never expected to put up a "letters" page; however, you can blame Dad. He wrote a very nice original poem and posted it on my Facebook page, so I figured I'd repost it here.

If you send me something, whether poem or prose, and if I like it, then I'll post your contribution on this page.


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